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Naprawa Helikoptera Warszawa - Serwis Helikoptera Elektryki do śmigłowców w Warszawie.

Przyleciał wiatrakowcem na pole, by naprawić ciągnik! [Specjalistki]

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Żadnej pracy i wyzwań się nie boją. Kobiety coraz częściej wchodzą do świata „męskich” zawodów. Nie straszne im trudne warunki, kilogramy sprzętu lub długi czas rozłąki z najbliższymi. Kobiety są świetnymi drwalkami, sokistkami, kierowcami TIRów czy operatorami dźwigów.
Podejmują się pracy ciężkiej fizycznie i wyczerpującej psychicznie. Czy istnieją zawody, które mogą wykonywać tylko mężczyźni? W programie „Specjalistki” pokażemy widzom historie kilku niezwykłych i ambitnych kobiet, dzięki którym ten stereotyp się zaciera.

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Pobrane z Youtube We are in the business of providing helicopter service in its broadest sense. The world of helicopters, and all things related to them, is not just our profession, but also our greatest interest. We take a serious interest in the aviation sector, learning more about it and developing our skillsets so that we can give you with the best possible service. The fact that we are a group of highly trained specialists and professionals is a big plus, but it’s just half of the equation for success. Second, we have state-of-the-art technical facilities where we conduct thorough examinations and make any required repairs. While we do offer helicopter assistance, it is not all we have planned for you.

We also provide our expertise in the field of aircraft management. CAMO protocols are in place to ensure the ease, comfort, and safety of all passengers since it’s hard to envision aviation operating well without them. The Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization is a collection of procedures designed to keep planes in flying shape. Flying machine owners and lessees are obligated to follow the aforementioned processes since doing so is necessary to comply with the law and effectively manage concerns in this area. The ability to rely on the assistance of subject-matter specialists who will complete the task on your behalf is thus quite desirable. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need the assistance of trained aviation management experts. It’s also important to remember that our reach extends beyond Poland to include countries to the east.

Aviation studies and training – The common practice of sharing information on the use of air machines is widely accepted. We provide pilot education and training as part of our services. This isn’t the only area where you can rely on our expertise, though. Additionally, we offer guidance on the steps to take when purchasing a new or used aircraft. Therefore, please feel free to utilize our expertise in other contexts outside just pilot training and education. We’ll do our best to address every one of your concerns.

What distinguishes a helicopter from another helicopter?

If flying is something you’re truly passionate about, then you probably already know the answer. You may safely swap the phrases „helicopter” and “helicopter,” as they mean the same thing. You probably haven’t had the time to look into every angle of every problem, though. When it comes to any of these topics, we’re here to lend a hand. Just like a helicopter is a helicopter, Helimax is a term for competence and expertise in its field. The Quality Control Department oversees the following steps in the normal technological process of the major repair of Mi family helicopters, their devices, systems, aggregates, and installations carried out at WZL1:

Signing of an acceptance protocol by the Company’s and the client’s delegates following the client’s acceptance and qualification of the helicopter and/or generator.

Removing the helicopter’s various components and scrap

Aircraft structure, components, installations, aggregates, and labels are all checked for accuracy.

It all depends on how you categorize the service (repair, replacement, etc.).

Move the airframe, parts, installations, and aggregates to the relevant repair, assembly, verification, etc. departments.

Maintenance is fixing or servicing a plane, replacing broken parts, and shopping for new equipment.

Airframe, component, installation, and aggregate assembly may vary per service (repair, renovation, service, replacement, acquisition).

Helicopter and system inspections, testing, calibrations, and adjustments

Verifications and trial runs

The Completed Steps in Painting a Helicopter

Tests in the Air

After repairs, equipment is received.

27 thoughts on “Przyleciał wiatrakowcem na pole, by naprawić ciągnik! [Specjalistki]

  1. Przyleciałem do ciebie 100km w 15 minut..
    Nie no co ty 150km/h to jedzie?
    Hahaha baba matematyk XD
    Jak już to 400km/h skoro 15 minut(choć nie wierzę aby taki helikopterek leciał tak szybko)

  2. Nic nowego. W latach 70 tych poprzedniego wieku , do napraw polskich Bizonów , które były eksportowane do Szwecji , ekipy serwisowe przylatywały polskim śmigłowcem PZL Mi-2. Prosto na pole – tak , aby szwedzcy rolnicy nie tracili czasu w sezonie zbiorów.

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